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5-Stand Grand Opening – SUNDAY 22 JULY

Fairfax small seal June 14, 2018 - We will have a Grand Opening Celebration for the newly refurbished 5 Stand on Sunday 22 July.  The upgrades were accomplished with funding by a member, volunteer labor, and help from Jamie.  Because of this, the Board has generously contributed for Clay Targets and Lunch for the first 50 Club Members to participate.  Escorted guests are welcome with a charge of $10. for Lunch and one round of 25 targets.


This shoot is designed for members to get a chance to try the 5 Stand, and have some fun in the process, not to mention a free lunch for shooters.


We will utilize a “Tee Time” system as we did for the Fun Shoots.  Please contact Billy Gross at billy.gross144@gmail.com to reserve your spot.  You can schedule by individuals or squads.  We will shoot 5 shooters at a time from 0900 AM to 0500 PM at half hour intervals.   Additional rounds will be available on a first come first serve basis at regular club prices..  Lunch will be served from 11:00 to 1:00.  We will have experienced Sporting Clays shooters available for coaching.


The improvements to the 5 Stand are:

1. New Controller,

2. New Teal Machine,

3. Reintroduction of the Rabbit,

4. Addition of a 10th Station,

5. Revised shooting programs, and

6. Elimination of batteries.  

This all adds up to a User Friendly 5 Stand that can be operated by the members at expanded hours.  The 5 Stand will be open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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Congratulations to the following individuals:

• President- Jeff Bolster
• Vice President - John Skudlarek
• Recording Sec. - Howard Finkel
• Corresponding Sec. - MK Tribbie
• Treasurer - Tom Fortunato
• Sgt-at-arms - Ken Moore
• Directors - Howard Greenhouse and Jim Davy

Thanks to the Teller Committee for all their hard work: Doug Marshall, Champ Delashmutt, Jamie Martin, Kurt Anderson, and Van Keys. A total of 259 ballots were received, but 5 were disqualified because they were deposited in the ballot box without the outer envelope; therefore, a total of 254 ballots were valid.

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New guns added to high power silhouette matches.

Fairfax small seal February 2, 2018 - Please follow the link below to see the new rifles added to the high power silhouette matches this year.  If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to note me or call.

New rifles added to the high power silhouette matches - 2018


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[UPDATE] Fairfax Highpower Spring League

Small FXRGC sealDecember 2nd, 2017 - A slight change to the previously published dates:  The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) just published a revised schedule for the Eastern CMP Cup and CMP Games.  For those not aware, this is a HUGE match and a goodly number of our HP shooters attend religiously.  Unfortunately that revised schedule presents a conflict with Spring League match 2 (Apr 27 and 28).  So we're moving match 2 to the previous weekend (Apr 21 and 22).
So the spring league schedule is now:
Mar 17, 2018 - work/shoot
Apr 7/8 - match 1
Apr 21/22 - match 2
May 5/6 - match 3
May 19/20 - match 4
The calendar on the Fairfax RGC web site has been ammended to show these dates.
Dan Gray
HP Match Director

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2018 Rifle & Pistol Calendar

November 30th, 2017 - Rifle & Pistol Chairman, Mr. Gary Jeter has been hard at work entering all of the various rifle & pistol events for the upcoming 2018 year. If you are a Club member, you may view the calendar from time to time to see free/open ranges for use before making a trip out to the Club, or to scan for the events you wish to enter.

If you are a Match Director, you should check the calendar to ensure that your events have been correctly scheduled with regards to dates, times, & locations. 

The form linked below, will allow a member to use the website to send the R&P Chairman a request to schedule an event on a range at the Club. Once the form is completed, and the 'submit' button clicked, it sends a preformatted email to Gary. He will then schedule previously approved events, or request approval for new events from the Board of Directors.

Rifle & Pistol Event Schedule Request

Club Events Calendar

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