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January 2020 Newsletter

The January 2020 Club bulletin is available for download here

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December 2019 Club Bulletin

The December 2019 Club bulletin is available for download here

The Bulletin Archive is available here 

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Sample Letter to VA Legislators

Everyone -- please take action by corresponding with your local Virginia Commonwealth legislators or we will lose this battle. I have already sent something similar to my legislators, and have been seeking outside guidance.



If you need contact info, you can look them up here:


Google: <your county> Board of Supervisors


Keep your message short, simple, and polite. 




Subject: Upcoming legislation regarding firearms


Senator/Delegate/Honorable NAME,

Thank you for your service, and I urge you to support firearms laws that are already on the books and do not support further gun restrictions. Please do not support SB-16.

Heller stated that firearms in common use for lawful purposes are protected under the 2nd Amendment. Many if not most of the firearms affected by SB-16 are in common use for lawful purposes.  So, properly read, Heller says that a constructive ban would be unconstitutional.

SB-16 will have a profound negative effect if passed - it is seizure of power from the citizenry, seizure of personal property, unconstitutional for both the U.S. and Virginia constitution, will ban firearms many own and use for hunting, recreational and competitive shooting sports, as well as educational programs, and make thousands of law-abiding Virginia citizens felons overnight. 

Thank you again for your time and consideration with this, and I look forward to your reply.



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General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Canada Valleyfield, Inc (GD-OTS), has determined a potential defect relating to certain lots of Accurate 2495, 4064 and 4350 propellants manufactured for Western Powders Inc. prior to October 1, 2016 and packaged under the Accurate brand name in 1 lb and 8 lb. canisters, may be defective. The use or storage of this product may result in combustion, fire damage and/or possible serious injury or property damage. Some signs of degradation include, but are not limited to, container lid deformation, discoloration of the  containers in the lid area, presence of red fumes when the container lid is opened, or the presence of a strong acidic odor.

Go here for more info: http://blog.westernpowders.com/2019/11/accurate-powders-recall-notice/

Match Directors please pass the word if you think this effects your shooters. 

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Virginia Democrats Draft Gun Confiscation Law for January

Virginia Democrats Draft Gun Confiscation Law for January
The draft Senate Bill 16 for Virginia for the January term is posted, and is the gun ban:

 -  All semi-automatic rifles that "have the ability" to hold more than 10 rounds (or have "military features" like a folding stock, pistol grip, etc...)
 - Any semi-automatic pistol that "has the ability" to holding more than 10 rounds
 - Any shotgun, shotgun tube or magazine capable of holding more than 7 rounds
 - All magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds
 - Bans suppressors, threaded barrels, and other items
 - Specially see line 204, "In addition, no dealer shall sell, rent, trade, or transfer from his inventory any assault firearm to any person"
 - See the end of the document, line 395 § 18.2-308.8. "Importation, sale, possession, etc., of assault firearms prohibited; penalty" for their definition of anassault firearm

This basically is a ban on just about every semi-automatic rifle, pistol, magazine and many shotguns, and would
make felons of anyone who owns a standard semi-automatic rifle, pistol or standard capacity magazine in the state.

Text of actual bill: 

*** Protect your rights, and please contact your local representatives opposing this law ***

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FXRGC Fall Festival Nov 10

Planning for the Fall Festival has begun! See the flyer here: Fall_Festival_2019.pdf

For More Information or to Volunteer Please E-Mail or Call:

Lesley Ivanjack * wivanjack@msn.com * 703-618-0406

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August Club Bulletin Available

The August 2019 Club bulletin is available for download here

The Bulletin Archive is available here 

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May Club Bulletin Available

The May 2019 Club bulletin is available for download here

The Bulletin Archive is available here

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FR&GC T-shirts, golf shirts, and vests are now available for sale

FR&GC T-shirts, golf shirts, and vests are now available for sale. Part of every purchase supports the Club's Williams Education Fund. Please see here for the order form and instructions!

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